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Us vs. Traditional Brokerages

  • eXp Realty is Agent-centric, Agent-owned
  • Become a shareholder
  • FREE On demand & Live training daily
  • Real time cloud support
  • Attractive commission splits 80/20
  • Low cap ($16,000) then 100% commission (More Information)
  • Lead generation platform, included
  • Revenue sharing opportunities (More information)
  • Workplace — connected
  • 100% Cloud-based brokerage
  • Best technology anywhere
  • eXp World — Our offices are inside the world
  • Free Regus access for in-person meetings
  • Numerous partners to provide more income producing opportunities on every deal
  • Affordable health insurance availability
  • Utility Connect Concierge for your clients — included: See mine here.
  • And so many more! Book a call today to learn more.
  • Traditional model brokerages are Corporate owned
  • Top-down income structure
  • No opportunity for ownership and growth
  • Founder or franchisor is major income receiver
  • Bricks and mortar – capital intensive
  • Limited training and at set times
  • Extra training costs extra
  • Must go into office to meet with support and wait your turn
  • High cap
  • High transaction fees
  • No help with lead generation
  • No revenue sharing opportunities
  • Lack of cutting-edge technology
  • No retirement plan
  • No health insurance


Tony DeFalco, eXp Realty ICON Agent

“EXP has provided me with financial, time, and geographical freedom. I have been able to utilize the platform and build a modern team of over 300 agents in well over a dozen cities and states. I have connected with the network to sell more real estate to referrals. I also implement the tools of eXp to obtain more real estate business in my local market. The bonus is having up to seven partners who financially gain from my success. This has propelled my business through the use of their knowledge and resources. These resources would normally not be available in a traditional brokerage. When I win we all win! Its eXp!”

Tina Cliffe, eXp Realty ICON Agent

“So in line with my goals…opportunity to be a great owner and generate passive income. This company is cutting edge — I’m so proud to be affiliated with eXp. “We get to give back, turn around, and give back again. This whole experience has done a lot for me personally. “Our leadership and master mind calls are collaborative – we have a vested interest in each of our success. eXp helped me see a better version of me.”

Chris Hiebert, eXp Realty agent and Investor

“eXp Realty has opened up a whole new income opportunity for me and my family.  I’m making more passively in my sleep than I ever did for corporate.  It has expanded my reach nationally and internationally — in fact I am closing on a $1 mil deal in 2 days that I got through a referral.” 

Sheila Fejeran, eXp ICON Agent

“When I came to exp, that’s one of the number one things that impressed me about the company.

Because it was like a big coaching group where everybody’s joining together and helping each other and building each other up and giving to each other.

And really giving all of the information not some of the information to help each other be more successful, just like a coaching group would be …so it’s very unique compared to the other real estate companies I’ve been involved in.”

Alex Schuck, eXp Agent and Investor

“I joined eXp Realty in Feb 2019 because I was attracted to their revenue share model. In addition, I liked that I could also earn stock equity since it is a publicly traded company.

After 2 years I have built a nice stream of passive income from the revenue share model and stock equity. What I like best is that it is truly passive, unlike being a landlord for rental properties [and all the work and hassle that can go into that.]

It is so awesome to have a [nice chunk of change] directly deposited into our checking account each month based on transactions that I knew nothing about!

And eXp was one of the best performing stocks in 2020 so my stock portfolio has done very well.

My decision to join eXp was one of the best business decisions I have ever made!”

Brian Culhane, First President of eXp Realty, Founder and CEO of Culhane Companies

“If I was meeting somebody for the first time I would probably explain EXP Realty in a way that it is a life changing company.

You know, we certainly are a real estate company, but I think it’s more than that.  

I almost think it does us a disservice to just call us a brokerage.  We’re almost a personal improvement company meets a wealth building agency, all disguised as a real estate company.”

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What’s included – FREE:


Lead Gen – CRM – Marketing Auto-pilot

KV Core is included when you join eXp Realty. Inside of this powerful system you can upload all your existing clients and sphere of influence to the SMART CRM. When someone joins your website, they are automatically sent responses through a series of emails and texts already built….your marketing on auto-pilot. Many powerful strategies are included in this system. Here’s a short video: About KVCORE, Your Business on Auto-pilot.


Also included for free when you join eXp Realty is Skyslope – The All-in-One Brokerage solution. Manage all your contracts, forms, and paperwork inside of the cloud and never print another document. Tied directly to your broker, documents are reviewed, signatures obtained, all organized inside of folders. Your files neatly organized and managed. No headaches. View a short video here to learn more: Skyslope – the All-in One Brokerage Solution.


Workplace – Powered by Facebook — There’s never been more communication. Work with clients online. See each other and speak with each other anytime you like. Get answers from colleagues. Work together. Form a team. Get referrals. Limitless possibilities. Included for free, and in addition to our eXp World Workplace is where you can connect. Join groups. Learn from the University. Check out this short video about Workplace here: Workplace – Powered by Facebook — There’s never been more communication. Meet Workplace

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